Just another update. Chef Nicole took it over the top again recently for a personal dinner with friends and family. Asian Cuisine was served with her own personal touch. Perfection again from Best Chef – thanks for your amazing work!

For Austin to be such a culinary hotbed, finding a personal chef that stands out is pretty difficult. I will say  that this particular chef really delivers!

All the food I have had from her has been delicious and I’ve been impressed with the variety of dining that she offers. From West Indian to Soul Food, I can tell the food is prepared with love and respect. For the most part, I have been exposed to a lot of different styles, cultures, and flavors and I can tell you no personal chef or catering business has been able to stack up.

Outside of the food, the personal touches and professional attitude are world class. Most small businesses have thier own unique attributes and her’s is no different. The reason I choose services is the people behind it, so I must say if a personal chef or a catering event is in your future,  you would be cutting yourself short by not contacting Best Chef.

Just my 2 cents!!!!

Micheal W.
Austin, TX

Nicole was awesome! She provided dinner 2 nights in a row for our wedding weekend and everything was delicious, fresh, and on time. Communication was great. Everyone loved the food, but most importantly we loved the food. It was the first time she had made vermicelli and OMG…the pork was amazing!

Thank you Nicole!

Cindy S.
Seattle, WA

A few months back, Nicole at Best Chef handled a bachelor party catering for us and she was just as advertised – EXCELLENT!

Nicole was extremely professional, showing up on time with everything she required to complete our meals.  You can imagine that a bachelor party can have tons of moving parts and she worked with me to adjust head counts at the last minute showing her flexibility.  She prices her service very well making it affordable for all budgets and the food and presentation are off the charts.

I can’t say enough good things about her service, food, and price.  If you have a chef or catering need, make sure to call and inquire.  She will not disappoint!!

Jose S.
Houston, TX

I had the pleasure of hosting a dinner catered by Best Chef the other night and it completely exceeded my expectations.  What got me really interested in Best Chef is that Chef Nicole and her team actually make the dinner at your house so you and your guests receive it hot and ready.  This sounded great compared to the catering I’m used to where I have everything delivered and then have to reheat it.

Chef Nicole was very attentive and considerate about the food preferences we discussed before the dinner since we had some food allergies in the group and delivered something spectacular we could all agree on.  We opted for three courses so believe me, no one went hungry.  We had Jamaican patties and fried plantains with a red pepper sauce to start, coconut curry chicken with rice as our main, and profiteroles with ice cream for dessert.  The Jamaican patties were my absolute favorite.  They were really different from the Jamaican patties I usually get in that they were small and very light and flaky.

After all this food, you can imagine I wasn’t jumping out of my seat to clear plates and   start cleaning… but that’s the beauty of Best Chef.  They also handle all the serving and clean up.  I got my kitchen back exactly how it was before and I got to sit and chat with my guests instead of worrying about dirty dishes and the like.  Great job from the team at Best Chef, I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Arlemarie M.
Austin, TX
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