I recently surprised my husband by having his best friend from college come over for dinner with her husband.  My husband loves meat, she is Hindu (vegetarian) and is allergic to gluten, and her husband is Muslim (no pork).  I had already had nicole over and although she did a wonderful job I couldn’t even begging to imagine what she was going to serve this hodgepodge of people without making separate dishes!! I clearly had nothing to worry about because -Of course -everything she made was absolutely delicious and I’m pretty sure she has won them over for life as customer as well! They were so impressed! Thanks again, Nicole!

Gina J.
Austin, TX

Because we couldn’t remember what we did for my husband’s birthday the last couple of years, I decided to make it more memorable by hiring Nicole to prepare a 3-course dinner in our home for our party of five.

Nicole was prompt and professional. Everything she served not only looked great, but tasted great. She was really flexible with the menu and gave me a couple of options, which I ended up mixing and matching. We started off with shrimp and grit tarts, which were fantastic! She even packed leftovers in tupperware which I’ve snacked on until they were all gone. For our main course we had rib eye with couscous and roasted vegetables. The quality of the food was pretty evident with every bite. My husband (who eats a lot of red meat) was very pleased with the steak. We also had apple crepes for dessert. Each course is what you’d expect from a high end restaurant, right down to the presentation.

I just want to say that I would definitely book Nicole again in the future. I can’t say how great this experience was. Not only was it memorable, but we were able to share the experience with friends and family in our own home. We were so excited when the day came and are beyond pleased with Nicole and her service.

Judie L.
Austin, TX

I don’t have a high opinion of catering companies. They don’t ever leave a good impression. I remember sad, bite sized appetizers. I remember chicken that was overcooked, then reheated and covered in a terrible sauce. I remember fish that smelled like cat food. I remember store bought dessert that I gladly ate in an attempt to suppress the memory of the “food” I had to endure. (Suddenly, that frozen pie from Walmart is a godsend.)

Best Chef isn’t any of those things. Chef Nicole and her trusty Sous-Chef went beyond anything I could’ve expected.

Our appetizers were fried sweet plantains, and puff pastry Jamaican patties served with a red pepper sauce on the side. The beef in the Jamaican patties was nicely seasoned and the pastry was soft and flaky. It was a great take on the Caribbean classic.

The main course was a beautifully presented coconut curry chicken served with jasmine rice, green beans, red peppers, and peanuts, then topped with sweet diced mangos. The chicken was flavorful, without overdoing it on the spices and the sweet mango was a perfect touch.

Dessert is where the Sous-Chef showed off his specialty as a pastry chef. We had profiteroles filled with cookie dough, then halved and served with ice cream, sliced strawberries, and chocolate shavings.

I was blown away by the quality of the meal that Chef Nicole made and especially that it was made from scratch. How do I know it wasn’t pre-cooked? Chef Nicole doesn’t just bring food to your dinner party, she makes everything fresh on the spot. I’m talking total kitchen takeover and table service.

Table service! In my own house!

Mind. Blown.

I fully recommend the services of Best Chef. It was a wonderful experience and I can tell that Chef Nicole loves what she does and has a team that share her dedication to quality and creativity.

Now I just need my wife to invite more people over for another dinner party. Never thought I’d say those words.

Jonathan S.
Austin, TX

Nicole is professional, competent, organized, and an excellent chef! She was punctual, arriving with all of the groceries she needed to cook a delicious meal for 20 people.  She and her assistant prepared grilled rib-eyes, garlic mashed potatoes, green chile mac and cheese, and red pepper asparagus.  She made chicken strips for the kids, which the adults loved as well.  She even converted my nephew, who disliked steak into a steak lover!  I can’t say enough great things about Nicole.  Thank you for making our celebration fabulous!

Courtney A.
Midland, TX
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