How It Works


I like to conduct my initial specialty and customization consultation in person. This enables me to determine how much kitchen space will be available to me while cooking; discuss available refrigerator/freezer storage arrangements; and go over my clients’ preferences, desires, and any food allergies/nutritional needs.

Initial Consultation
  • Get to know your needs and dietary restrictions/allergies.
  • Scheduling of meals to be prepared.
  • Details for use of your kitchen.
  • Establish a cook date.
  • Final cost and initial deposit.

Shopping for groceries happens on the actual cook date, to ensure only the freshest ingredients are used for your meal. I bring the ingredients to your home and prepare your meal for you in your own kitchen. I will store any remaining food in your refrigerator after labeling it with reheating instructions.


Typical package for a family of 4 starts at $400 and includes
3 entrees with 2 sides (approximately 12 servings)

*Price varies depending on customization needs of the client.

Additional Costs:
  • Grocery shopping (ingredients for a typical meal usually cost $100-$175)
  • Food storage containers if needed.
  • Local sales tax.
  • Special requests.
Special Occasions:
  • Romantic Dinner for 2? No worries Chef Nicole at your rescue!
  • Catering for small gatherings.
  • Theme dinners (decorations to fit the occasion are set up, dinner is cooked and served)
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